Think Tech! Lower School Teacher Agenda

Following is a general outline for a Professional Development hour occurring during Pre-Planning 2010-2011, August 10, 2010.

First things first: — set timer to 1:15. (There is a stopwatch timer in your Smart Notebook software. Search on “stopwatch” and drag it into your document).

Smart Training this week:

Wednesday – Smart Slates (Leeann, Susie, Rebecca, June, and Erin) — here in the Computer Lab

Thursday – Smart Table (Leeann, Sarah, Diane, Janet, and Dawn)

Friday – Smart Response System (Leeann, Leslie, Andrea, Laura, and Jenny T)


Password – email
Access to your classes

Use for ideas, questions, thoughts (“Just got a great idea!…,” “Can this tool be used to…?”)      OR


a real-time online discussion that occurs simultaneously with a verbal presentation. Student backchanneling solves a few challenges that all teachers face at one time or another: having time to hear every student’s question or comment, providing a voice for shy students, and improving the relevance and timeliness of teacher responses to students and their responses to each other.

1) BEFORE typing anything in the chat box, sign in using your first name. If you are sharing a computer, decide if you want to sign in with one or use both of your names (e.g. Leeann and Anita).
2) Everyone type in your favorite color (for students, this would be “taking roll”)
3) For the next 3 minutes, talk about something fun you did this summer. If you want to address someone’s “thing” specifically, first type in @username.

From Free Technology for Teachers.


Shift Happens (4:13)

Quick Facts About Books vs. E-Books:
From the Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, July 20
Amazon Says E-Book Sales Outpace Hardcovers Inc. said it reached a milestone, selling more e-books than hardbacks over the past three months. In a statement Monday, July 19, Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos, said the growth rate of Kindle device sales had “reached a tipping point,” having tripled since the company lowered its price to $189 from $259 last month. Over the past month, the Seattle retailer sold 180 Kindle books for every 100 hardcover books he sold, it said.

From the Wall Street Journal, Monday, August 2, 2010
Barnes & Noble on Block
Barnes & Noble Inc., put itself up for sale Tuesday, succumbing to pressure from shareholder activists as digital books erode the traditional business of the nation’s largest bookstore chain. A few years ago, such figures represented a fearsome retailing force, attracting ire of rivals and publishers who fretted that one company controlled the country’s book-reading tastes. Since then, it has been hobbled by larger technological forces, with books becoming mere digital files, peddled by anyone with an Internet connection. “Anybody with their eyes open knows that the retail book market is increasingly challenged,” said Mike Shatzkin, chief executive of Idea Logical Co., a New York consulting firm. Each new report that shows e-book sales are growing more rapidly than expected only intensifies the problems facing the bookstore chains, he said.

Abbey is Pretty Demanding (1:20)
Priceless Education (3:23)


What is it? Blogs in Plain English (2:58)

Is It Safe? In Blogspot you can “restrict readership to your blog. You can make it private. People will need membership to read the blog.”

Why do it? 2010_07_30_Why Let Our Students Blog (1:55)

Who’s done it?
Duck Diaries
Kindergarten Tales
Mrs. Cassidy’s Class
2KM @ Leopold Primary School!
Miss Cashen 4-5-6 Learning
Miss Tyler-Smith’s Grade 5 Blog


Wikis in Plain English (3:52)

Search Engines

Google Video (3:15)

Worthwhile Websites – convert YouTube Videos – print a poster from an uploaded image – image generator (magazine cover, billboard, and much more)

Spies Like Us – Technology Ethics

Cool Cat Teacher Blog – Camilla, GA


3rd graders in Jacksonville, FL –> Helsinki, Finland (2:42)
“Skype Jobs” for Students – Langwitches Blog
50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom
Virtual Author Visits in Your Classroom
Around the World with Skype from the K12 Online Conference 2010 (20:49)

For a Smile

Joe’s Non-NetBook (1:44)


Google Reader & RSS Feeds
Smart Response System Demo
Document Cameras


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